How To Make Yourself Irresistible to Women

Have you noticed how some guys have all the luck when it comes to women, and others can barely keep a girlfriend? You might be wondering what makes these men desirable to women while others just cannot seem to find a woman to give them a chance. I am about to uncover some of the secrets that make a woman want a man.

There is no doubt that some guys are just drop dead gorgeous, and that is understandable why women would be drawn to them. However, it is not just all about beauty. A good looking man can be able to draw a woman in from the onset, but some may struggle to keep that woman. So what is that X factor that woman are looking for?

For starters, women love a confident man. When a guy oozes confidence, they will be drawn to him, whether he is good looking or not. That is because women love guys who are confident and can hold their own. It makes a lot of sense, because no woman would want to be with a guy who is doubting himself and unsure of himself.

Women also love a guy who knows where he is going and who knows what he wants out of life. No one really wants to be with a dead beat guy who has no ambition, because we all should have some sort of passion to push us to go where we want to go. Also, secretly, women want a guy to take charge and be able to provide for them financially. It is not all women who are well off with great jobs that make a lot of money, so they want to know that their men can afford them and can to some extent take care of them, even if they can take care of themselves.

Mystery is another thing that can get a woman drawn to you. If there are certain things that you guard and you are not sharing with her, that tends to pull her to you. Women also love guys who can share some parts of them and that is ok, just not share everything. You still want to reveal certain things about yourself as you get to know her even better, and if you are that mysterious guy she will be wondering about you and who you are.

Women do love men who are accomplished, but the thing is they want to see your success instead of you telling them about it. Some guys make the mistake of talking about their accomplishments to the point where the women is bored stiff listening to the guy, so refrain from doing this. Even if you are eager to show her how accomplished you are, let her see it for herself, and if she does ask some questions, that is when you should tell her about them, modestly too.

Women are complex beings and they are different. Only a woman can tell you what she looks for in a man, but these tips should be able to give you that extra understanding and gets you in the door of being with a great woman.

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