Reasons Why Sleeping With Your Ex Boyfriend Is A Bad Idea

There is a reason why your ex boyfriend is an ex. There is a strong reason why you are exes and to have sex with someone that you were once in love with can get tricky because of the connection that was there. For one it can get quite confusing, and get the lines blurred between what you once had and the current situation.

You might be processing the breakup, and when you go and sleep with him, it just might give you the reason to think that there is a chance that he can get back together with you. In most cases, it will definitely make you want to get back together with your ex, and it can trivialize the reason why you broke up to begin with. The confusion that it can create can make it difficult for you to move on with your life.

Also, if you are secretly hoping to get back together with him, sleeping with him will give him the idea that he is still enjoying the benefits with you. So why should he get back together with you when he can enjoy that part of you when you are nothing to each other. Honestly if you are looking to get him back, you need to make him feel that he is missing something that you used to give him, but when you are still making love, there isn’t much that he is missing.

Do you honestly want to be the girl he calls every time he feels like a shag? If that is not what you want, that is exactly where you are headed. In fact, knowing that you are continuing to give him that special part of you just might make him think that you are less than what you are. You are giving him a convenience that you should not, and you will be reduced to being the girl he gets to shag when he wants to. You need to put some boundaries for yourself.

You are not cheap, so do not make your ex boyfriend feel that he still has power over you. Get your power back and even if you are trying to get back together with him, do not make it more complicated by sleeping with him.

Relationships are complicated and when breakups happen where we are still in love with the people that we broke up with, it can make it very difficult to move on and demand your worth. The feelings that you have for him are what are making you to still sleep with him, and this can be very destructive if you do not have a plan of getting over him and moving on with your life.

Here are other reasons why sleeping with an ex boyfriend is a bad idea, so do not put yourself in a position like that. If he wants to still be with you, he will do right by you without you having to drop your standards for him. There are plenty of other places to get sex if that is really what you are after, but the best advice I can give you is to process the break up and figure out what your move is from there.

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