Stop Trying To Impress Women – And Start Attracting Them

Attract women not impress them
Guys in general are scared of women whom they feel are superior to them. Most guys feel that because they are the men, that they should be able to do certain things for their women and on top of the list, it is providing financially for their women.

It is really the norm that they guy who drives the nicest car and has the most money will be able to pick up a girl at a chilling joint, than a guy who is unable to do those things. In places like News Cafe or Primi Bazala and the like, it is true that the guy with the fanciest ride and a fatter wallet is going to have an easier time attracting women, because they will already be impressed by him, because of what he is wearing and the fact that he can buy the drinks that they want.

A guy however can still have all the money in the world, but if he is being attracted to a woman whom he feels is on a higher platform than him, or has more money than him, most guys feel threatened and some will work even harder to impress the woman. This is exactly what may cause you to try too hard, which is always a bad idea as you  can end doing the wrong things that push her away.

Women see a guy who is nervous or scared of them a mile away and they might take advantage of that. Women in general are attracted to strong men who know what they want and who challenge them. So if you are going to bend over backwards because the woman intimidates you, you will appear as a guy who is boneless, and unless you are looking for casual relationships, you are not going to be able to have meaningful relationships with the women in your life.

If your idea of impressing a woman is giving her too much compliments, or agreeing with everything that comes out of her mouth, it really is not going to get you very far. You will definitely come across as weak and very boring. South African woman love fun guys, so if you do not have that element to bring to the table, you will be missing something huge that women are looking to have.

Let me spell something out for you – women are not going to be interested or attracted to boring weak men! If she does give you some time, it will only be a matter of time before she gets bored by you.

Guys are interested in sex, plain and simple. And women know that. Women know that the reason why you are trying to impress her is to ultimately get in and be able to sleep with her. And when you try too hard, that can be a turn off for the chicks because they already know what you want.

So, what is a guy to do?

You need to stop trying to impress her. What this means, is that you need to stop treating her like the hot chick that you are looking to sleep with. You should treat her like the ugly chicks, whom you are not trying to impress.

Hot chicks know how guys treat them, because almost every guy they meet is interested in them. Be different from the rest of the guys and treat her as normal as you possibly can.

If you do this, she will definitely take notice. You will be unlike any other guy she has met before.

An important part of treating her as normally as you possibly can is to make sure that you do not compliment on how beautiful she is. Be the intelligent guy that you are and challenge her.

If you can do this, you will have turned the table, and you will have a better chance impressing her and attracting her at the same time.