Oral Sex Causes Cancer of the mouth & throat

Avoid Oral Sex and Reduce chances of mouth & throat Cancer

Rise in mouth and throat cancer among the young in Britain is described as a growing epidemic given the fact that Cancer Research UK said cases of mouth and throat cancer amount young men in Britain has gone up by about 50% since 1989. The disease continue to rise at the rate of about 3% a year in women and it kills about 1, 800 people a year.

The main reason for the rise was given by Cancer Research UK as the practise of oral sex. Though mouth and throat cancer increases more in men than in women, female are not immune to catching it as a rise of 3% a year is recorded among women.

The main cause of mouth and throat cancer has been linked by scientist to human papilloma-virus also know as HPV. The virus is transmitted though sexual intercourse. HPV virus is more commonly known as the virus that causes cervical cancer.

Evidence uncovered by scientist suggest that mouth and throat cancer is arises in people who has had multiple sex partners and practise oral sex. This happens regardless of gender.

Some of the measures to prevent the disease includes condom use and abstaining from oral sex. Recently, vaccination of your women against HPV is also expected to help reduce the infections caused by HPV.

If you think you may have moth or throat cancer, you should consult your GP as soon as possible. You can also contact NHS direct for advise on health relatd issue