Pills for sexual prowess improvement killed three women

After taking pills that were supposed to make them feel better in bed, two young women from South Africa died a couple of hours after taking them while the third one lost her life later at the hospital. According to a local newspaper, the young women actually bought the pills from someone claiming the drugs will act like a great sexual appetite enhancer.

The local traditional healer gave them those drugs and on top of that the women also received some herbs that would make them feel better due to the fact the drugs cause them to feel ill. These tragic deaths took place on Saturday night near the city of Duban and the South African police has started to investigate this case and they are trying to find the supplier.

One interesting fact that arises from this case is why three girls aged between 18 and 20 would need pills for enhancing their sexual appetite? That is an age where hormones are running through all over your body and giving the fact that not one but three girls were in the same situation definitely rises some questions. They could indeed have problems with their sexual “hunger” but in the same time, those drugs might not have been bought for sexual pleasure but for anything else?

The final conclusion will come from South African police though and we should wait and see whether the girls really had some sexual problems or not.