South African officials angry about school gang-rape

Two boys participated to a gang-rape on Thursday when they drugged two girls and raped one of them during school hours at Jules High School in Jepperstown, South Africa. They filmed this on their cellphones and they will appear to the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court today.

The problem that rises from this rape is the incapacity of South African school to respond to this horrible act. Right groups and ministers have already firmly responded to this issue while it seems that the school’s officials instead of protecting the victim’s rights were more concerned not to upset the boys during their exams. Also, the minister for women, children and persons with disabilities, Lulu Xingwana said that all authority people suspecting child abuse must report this kind of incidents and this is also available when it comes to teachers.

With one of the highest incidence of rape worldwide, South Africa’s minister for children said that sexual and physical abuse of young people should have zero tolerance from authorities. Although the boys will appear in front of the justice, they were not immediately arrested because that could lead to a trauma during the exams. Moreover, the teachers saw the video with the rape and instead of reporting it to authority, they found it rather “hilarious”.

A minister in the presidency already interfered and urged to authorities to treat this case as a priority while already the worldwide media has been outraged by the way officials deal with these extreme cases. Collins Chabane added that abuse should not be tolerated in South Africa society, let alone in their schools, however this seems to happen more often lately. Although three boys participated to this gang-rape, only two were arrested yesterday while it seems the third boy was not involved “physically“. The investigation is still on.