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The dating landscape is changing radically, mainly by the revolution brought about by online dating. Online dating is also helping the dating industry segment dating into various niches such as general dating, usually targeted at under 40s, mature dating usually aimed at men and women over the age of forty and of course the naughty dating (also known as adult dating) which is the are of Internet dating this site specialise in.

There is the traditional love romance dating; boy meet girl, the fell in love, got married and live happily every after. There is also the casual dating where boy meet girl just go give her one and they go their separate ways, that is the kind of online dating Very Naughty South Africa specialise in.

We bring men and women looking for casual online adult dating together, we don’t do living happily every after, just flirty, sexy adult dating with no strings attached. We hope to use our blog to bring you information about what is happening on our site and indeed what is happening on the dating scene in South Africa. Thank you for your visit, we home to see you as a registered member of Very Naught SA.