3 Things I Learned About Meeting People from my Chilling Session

After a long day of work, nothing beats hanging out, relaxing over your favorite drink. My favorite drink being Hunters dry, I dropped by News Cafe after work the other day just to release some of the stress that I had.

I just grabbed myself a couch outside as the weather was great, and of cause my Hunters dry. Just as I thought, someone wanted to join me and being curious of what would happen, I said yes. From the chit chat that we had, we ended up exchanging numbers. The conversation took us to the personal details of our lives where we spoke about whether we were in relationships, or married or had kids, our jobs and so much more. It was actually quite enjoyable.

As we were hanging, it dawned on me that the first time you actually meet someone that you do not actually meet them. Everyone puts their best foot forward, so that they seem nice and amazing, so that they can get what they want. It is only in getting to know the real them that you can know who they really are and what they are after.

What was nice about the encounter though, is how it was so easy for me to have met them. It was almost as easy as when I am online and I meet someone through the internet, because to me it is easy access to people that you would not easily have access to.

Let me just explain that I have someone in my life. But the encounter I had would have been amazing for my sister who is completely single, and she would have enjoyed the experience so much more. For me, I wanted to check just how easy or difficult it would have been to have someone appraoch me, and this is part of what I learned from that encounter.

In order to have someone take an interest on you, you have to dress well and good. You should not leave your house looking all raggedy like you did not have a bath and expect someone to take an interest on you. You have to be presentable to be able to get someone to take an interest on you, so look good and you will increase your chances of getting someone to take a double look.

Secondly, you need to be able to be friendly and handle a conversation. Had I been rude to my companion, he probably would have not wanted to hang out with me for much longer. Being friendly plays a huge role in how a conversation is going to go and how long it is going to continue for, so talk to people the way you would want them to talk to you.

You also need to be open minded. You can never really know how a conversation is going to go unless you give someone a chance. That is important because if you are going to judge someone before you even hear what they are going to say, you might close the door for that opportunity.

Doing these 3 things will enable you to get certain people to approach you. If you want an easier method to meet people, you can always go for online dating or online adult dating. You should be able to get what you are looking to have.