How To Make a Guy Want You Really Badly

If you are wondering how to make a guy want you badly, you are at the right place. Even though men are sexual beings and do get attracted to a lot of women, you can stand out from the crowd and reel him in, in a way he cannot resist you. Let me show you 5 ways to get his attention:

Make sure that you cover up most of the skin – Let him wonder about what is underneath your clothes, so wearing clothes that are too revealing is not the best thing you can do get him interested for a long time. It is a good idea to tease him now and then, and reveal slightly more than he is used to, but make sure that you do not take it to the max.

Do not slouch – whether you are sitting or standing, make sure that your confidence can shine through. A good posture shows your confidence and how sure of yourself you are. Also, it does wonders for your frame, and guys cannot help but be interested in a woman who is standing tall.

Know what you want – if a guy approaches you to find that you are not even sure whether you want him in your life or not, he is bound to get bored as he chases you and you are constantly confusing the hell out of him. Do not play stupid games, if you like him, show it because you just might lose him forever in the silly games that you are playing.

Know your worth – a guy is only going to respect you if you know your worth. If you lower your standard for him, do not expect his respect and you probably will not be able to hold his interest much longer. A woman who knows her worth is a woman who has confidence and guys find that attractive.

Know your strengths – to stand out among the many other women that are trying to get his attention, you need to be able to play on your strengths that will give you an advantage. It really can be anything, if you can dance, do not be shy to show off your moves. This will almost be your signature and something that makes sure he does not forget about you, so use it.

Be sexy, but you can also make him laugh and be very smart – no one wants to be with a dumb woman, and your being smart will get you more points. If you are able to hold a smart conversation with him, that is a great thing. Do not put away your sense of humor, and if you manage to make him laugh he will even have a greater time with you.

Know where you are going – nobody wants to be someone who does not have a vision for themselves. Most men get threatened by successful women, but you really need to have things that you want to accomplish in your life. It is a turn on for guys to be with a woman, who knows what she wants and is not afraid to get it.

Do not be afraid to show him who you are. Guys love smart women who are sexy and who will also engage them in great conversations. Underneath it all, be a woman whom he can see a future with.

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